Electrical testers - Hipotronics MB10
Make Hipotronics
Model MB10
Description Contact Resistance Tester, 10A
The Hipotronics MB-10 Microhmmeter provides highly accurate resistance measurements using the four wire Kelvin method. This portable instrument will measure resistances over the range of 1 microhm to 60ohms with a test current up to 10 amps. For operator safety, the MB-10 is equipped withcircuitry to absorb the stored energy in inductive loads and prevent inductive ?kickback? when the test current is shut off.

The MB-10 is highly accurate under a wide range of conditions. Its measurement circuit is not affected by fluctuations in the test current. The digital metering system has an auto-zero circuit that minimizes drift and a tuning circuit to reject line frequency interference. If windingresistances are to be measured, the polarity reversing switch may be used to average readings and eliminate errors.

The MB-10 utilizes a long -life, high quality nickel-cadium battery system with a built-in recharger. The battery recharging system is self-regulated. A three-position TEST switch allowsbattery power to be conserved with a ?momentary? position.
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