Powerline analyzers - Dent Instruments ElitePro
Make Dent Instruments
Model ElitePro
Description Three Phase Power Meter
The ELITEpro? is a complete solution to pinpoint electric usage and quantify consumption by measuring, storing, and analyzing Volts, Amps, Watts, Volt-Amps (VA), Volt-Amps reactive (VAR), Kilowatts (kW), Kilowatt Hours (kWh), Power Factor and harmonics; up to 144 different parameters. The ELITEpro? also offers some power quality features such as the ability to view voltage, current, and power waveforms. The ELITEpro? can be mounted anywhere and is available in a weather-tight enclosure.

Accessories available for RENT with this product:
Dent SHS-0005-U,5A CT's
Dent CON-1000, 1000A CT's
Dent FLN-3000, 3000A CT's
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:33
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:11
Monthly Rate CDN$:330
Monthly Rate US$:330
Please contact our office ph: 1-800-667-RENT, or email: rentals@accutech.ca