Powerline analyzers - dent elitepro, accessories - Dent Instruments FLN-3000
Make Dent Instruments
Model FLN-3000
Description Current Transformer, 300/3000A
The DENT Instruments 3000A Flexible Current Transformer is composed of a flexible sensor and an electronic module. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on current transformers could not be used.Specifically, it can be installed in tight spaces, or around breaker panels, cable bundles, wide or large bus bars and irregular shapes. Unlike standard current transformers, this flexible CT does not use magnetic cores. The transformation principle is based on anair core. It presents virtually no load to the system under test, has a low phase shift and excellent frequency response. Additionally, it cannot be damaged by overloads. The DENT 3000A Flexible Current Transformer is insensitive to DC current and measures only the AC component of the measured signal.
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