Flowmeters - Controlotron 1010WDP3
Make Controlotron
Model 1010WDP3
Description Transit-Time/Dopler Flowmeter
The Controlotron 1010WDP3 is a portable Ultasonic Flow Meter which provides highly accurate measurements of liquid flow over a large range of flow range and liquid types. The Controlotron is also able to measure volumetric flow as well as many other perameters.

Accessories available for RENT with this product:
Controlotron 1011PPS-B3 Trandsucers Transit Time, 1/2 to 4 inch
Controlotron 1011PPS-C3 Trandsucers Transit Time, 3 to 24 inch
Controlotron 191P1S Trandsucers Doppler, 1/2 to 360 inch
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:111
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:37
Monthly Rate CDN$:1110
Monthly Rate US$:1110
Please contact our office ph: 1-800-667-RENT, or email: rentals@accutech.ca