Hi--voltage & insulation testers - HD Electric Mark II
Make HD Electric
Model Mark II
Description Phasing Sticks, 15/45 kV

? Coil cord is standard on all MARK and EM series products. Coil cord is rated at 10kV. Length is 3.5? (1.7m) retracted and 12? (3.6m) fully extended.
? Accuracy 3% of full scale
? Universal splines
? Rugged construction designed for heavy field use
? Overhead brass hook contact probes
? Large 3? (7.6 cm) meter face with a Lexan protective cover is specially designed for easy reading and increased accuracy. Multiple scales assist the user in avoiding misreads.
? Strain relief fittings at ends of cords reduce cable damage at point of highest stress
? All fiberglass is quality tested to ASTM F-711 and OSHA standards (100kV/foot for 5 minutes)
? High voltage resistors are encapsulated in epoxy in all resistor sticks, thereby limiting maximum current to approximately 1 milliamp at full rated voltage.
? Virtually maintenance free - no batteries required
? Measures DC through 1000Hz AC RMS

PT-5000B tester available upon request.
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:27
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:9
Monthly Rate CDN$:270
Monthly Rate US$:270
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