Humidity - Vaisala DM70, Probe DMP74B
Make Vaisala
Model DM70, Probe DMP74B
Description Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter
- Unique Automatic Self Calibration
- Data Logging and Transferring Capability
- Numeric and Graphical Display
- Sample Cell Adapter For Pressurized Air Lines.
- DRYCAP? polymer-based sensor provides accuracy, eliability, long-term stability and fast response.
- Automatic self-calibration
- ?2? C accuracy down to -58 ?F (-50 ?C)
- Data logging and transferring capabilities
- Multilingual, menu-based interface
- Numeric and graphical display
- Sample cell adapter for pressurized air lines
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:54
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:18
Monthly Rate CDN$:540
Monthly Rate US$:540
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