Hi--voltage & insulation testers - Chance 1990-ST
Make Chance
Model 1990-ST
Description Super Tester
- Double signal, sound and luminous, operating
- Reinforced orange plastic case, light and
compact, guaranteeing safety and operation
- Encapsulated electronic circuit, immune to the
temperature differences from -10?C to 50?C
- Adaptable to the RITZGLAS? insulating sticks
through universal adapter, which guarantee the
necessary isolation for its operation
- Supplied in two models with different voltage
ranges: 1 kV to 138 kV and 1kV to 800 kV
- The model H-1990/ST-800 has a selection switch
of 1 kV to 100 kV and 100 kV to 800 kV, to
guarantee its perfect reliability
- Built-in TEST CIRCUIT to confirm the perfect
operation of the unit by pressing the TEST
- Pilot LED indicating the condition of the battery
- Voltage sensitive part in order to eliminate the
interference of adjacent phases
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:9
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:3
Monthly Rate CDN$:90
Monthly Rate US$:90
Please contact our office ph: 1-800-667-RENT, or email: rentals@accutech.ca