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Hi--voltage & insulation testers - vlf test sets - HV Diagnostics HVA34
Make HV Diagnostics
Model HVA34
Description High-Voltage Test Set, 34 kV, VLF
Test your 25(Maint), 15, 11, 8, 6.6, 5kV long MV cables
Weighs only 44lbs / 19.5kg
Perform tests fully automatically
Oscilloscope Display of Output Waveform
Insulation Resistance & Cap. Measurement
VLF Sinewave / Squarewave & DC outputs
VLF 24kVrms / 34kVpk output
DC 34kV
Cable Jacket / Sheath testing
Vacuum Bottle testing
Integrated internal discharge of DUT
Rental Rates (Canadian and US)
Daily Rate CDN$:330
(after first 5 days) Daily Rate CDN$:110
Monthly Rate CDN$:3300
Monthly Rate US$:3300
Please contact our office ph: 1-800-667-RENT, or email: